By changing some of these parameters, better performance is obtained. Sometimes you need to remove the speed (maximum speed) or remove the DPF / FAP filter or close the EGR valve. As I mentioned before, the chip is not changed, but modifications are made to the software from the motor computer, so it will be read through an OBDII diagnostic connector. Then that reading file is modified and the modified video is recorded in the motor computer. Depending on the model of the car does not always apply OBD tuning, in some cases the motor computer must be dismantled and the software read in another way. In any way to read whether OBD or disassemble the computer does not make any hardware changes on the computer itself. There is also a Tuning Box. It’s a part that is embedded and often mixed with Chip Tuning, and it’s about an electronic device that fuses a signal on one or more sensors.


The term Chip Tuning mean improving the performance of the car without changing the engine components. That is, performance improvements are achieved by changes in engine software that manages the engine’s operation. Car Tuning is a term that has come about from the very beginning when this procedure had to change the chip in the computer itself. Today, this procedure is done without replacing chips. Often, the word remap is used which is most correct for me.


Engine Control Unit or ECU is an integral part of every car produced after 2000 and much before that. The motor computer has the role of monitoring the operation of the engine and managing it through numerous sensors. With modern diesel engines, the Chip Tuning is most intended, the engine computer at any moment controls the pressure of the turbine, the fuel pressure, the start of fuel injection, the fuel injection time.